How it Works

Secure Sign in

Students, faculty and administrators login to RECAP through hosted portal that can be easily customized for your institution.

Classroom Setup

RECAP requires the speaker to use a computer with Internet access connected to a microphone and video camera. A basic mixer is recommended for better audio quality control.

During a Lecture

As the lecture begins, audio is streamed to a live captioner to produce real-time captions for students using RECAP in the classroom. RECAP utilizes the institution's video files from previously recorded lectures, which are uploaded to the RECAP headquarters.  From there, each lecture is processed and synced with the corresponding transcript and posted on the RECAP site.  When the lecture is complete, the final transcript is synced with the audio and video and uploaded automatically to your school’s RECAP website.

After Class

Once lecture content is uploaded to your RECAP site it is available to all students and faculty with permission to access it. Video transcripts can be searched by topic or the actual keywords spoken during the lecture – a powerful study tool for your students.